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Saudi Arabian Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd (SADIP), is one of Amiantit Group of Companies. It was established in 1988 when a joint venture between Amiantit Group and Saint Gobian (Pont A. Mousson) was made.

SADIP produces pipes of ductile iron – a metal only dated few years back, specifically in the year 1948, as a result of an unusual event taking place when a small amount of magnesium was added to molten cast iron, the new metal had unique characteristics such as:

  • High Mechanical Properties (Tensile strength, Elongation, Hardness)
  • Ease of Installation
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent hydraulic flow
  • High working pressure
  • Can accommodate ground movement
  • Long product life

SADIP offers ductile iron pipes in the range of DN80 mm to DN1000 mm diameter and fittings in the range of DN 80 mm to DN 1600 mm with products complying with International Standards, i.e. ISO 2531, BSEN 545 & BSEN 598 .

The company has led a prominent role and was awarded ISO 9001/9002 since 1994 and later won the King Abdul Aziz Prize for the ideal plant in 1994, and can provide customized products as per customer request.

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